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Here's what you have to look forward when traveling with us

Add Extra Baggage

We offer you the flexibility to carry additional baggage while travelling. You can add either 10kg or 20kg of extra baggage while making your booking.
If you missed adding extra baggage while making your booking or you have carried extra weight than anticipated, don’t worry! You can always purchase extra baggage weight at the airport, calling our call center or visiting a one of our appointed travel agents at your connivance.

Select your seat

You can pre book the seat you most prefer on the aircraft. We have a verify of seat to choose from; isle seats, window seats, baby basinet seats & seats with extra legroom. 
Choose and pre-book your preferred seat and we will ensure that the seat is revered for you.
You can select you seat while booking online, call our 24/7 contact center, at our ticket desk at the airport or visit one of our appointed travel agents.
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Select your meal

Pre-book your Meal 
In addition to a verity of snack and meal options you can purchase onboard your SalamAir flight, you can now pre-book your preferred meal while booking your ticket, by calling our 24/7 contact center,  or by visiting our sales office or your nearest appointed travel agents.
Additional beverage & snack items are available onboard. Please check our onboard menu in your seat pocket or ask one of our cabin crew for assistance. 
  Meal Code Description Amount
LSML Paprika Chicken Filled Roll OMR 1.5
LFML Chicken Tikka Panini Sandwich OMR 1.5
VGML Falafel Wrap OMR 1.5
LCML Chicken Shawarma OMR 1.5
AVML Haloumi Cheese & Vegetable Wrap OMR 1.5
BLML Beef Shawarma OMR 1.5
NLML Closed Sandwich - Chicken Tandoori OMR 1.5

Lounge Access

Arrive early for your flight and relax yourself at one of our partner airport lounges. You can purchase and add lounge access for Salalah International Airport and Dubai International Airport currently while booking. We will soon have more airport lounges for you to choose from.